This is a service in which we particularly specialise and have in depth knowledge. We have very high success rates, currently around 97%. Even in clearing those infections which gain a firm hold in the system such as Fake Anti-Virus programs, Root Kits, Win32 agents and Worms. In fact the only times we don't succeed are when customers have carried on using a severely infected computer for several months.
When we virus clean we don't just remove the main problem either, we clear every piece of malware and replace any corrupted Windows files and commonly affected programs.
Once your computer is fully cleaned we install a combination of security programs on a free trial basis that we know from experience are the best in the industry. Then we configure them to suit the way that you use the internet, thus ensuring maximum future protection.
Unlike certain computer retailers we recommend the most effective protection, not the Anti-Virus programs that give us the highest profit margins. As an ESET Partner, once your free trial is up we can supply full licenses at very competitive rates.
The other benefit is that the protection we install imposes far smaller loads and delays on the system. Most customers are pleasantly surprised at how much faster their computer runs when we return it to them.
So if you have reasons why you don't just want to settle for a reload, such as having software that you no longer have the disc or product code for, or just being so used to how you have your computer set up that you don't want it changing, then we can help.