Networking and Deployment
We specialise in actually making servers and networks useful, stable and reliable! Not only for IT based businesses but also educational establishments, Internet cafe's and even other computer retailers, many of whom had still been re-installing from discs and downloading drivers on a per install basis!
At Laptops Northants, we have an extensive knowledge and experience of networking infrastructure. We have experience of building networks from the ground up and also maintaining networks that are already in place.
Most people don’t know the potential benefits of having a good network setup in their company.
·         We can help streamline the addition of new workstations to your network and minimise downtime of workstations with WDS (Windows Deployment Services) which can remotely install and configure PC’s.
·         We can help you manage windows updates remotely with WSUS (Windows System Update Service).
·         We can help you set up and manage an internal intranet system to keep all your important day-to-day documents easy to access for everyone.
·         We can help remove strain on your workstations by moving the more resource hungry programs to a remote application server so they don’t even have to be installed on the local system for you to use them.
·         And we can allow you to access your network resource and applications from home using a VPN or Terminal Services Gateway
The above are just a few examples of the ways we can help ease the stress of running any network, and there are lots more.
A service plan with us could include a rolling upgrade package so you’re never too far out of date and a complete disaster recovery plan for if the worst should happen or just expert and friendly advice on-site when you need it.